About Heart Dog

Find out about what your dog will experience at Heart Dog Grooming Salon in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Our Mission

At Heart Dog, we firmly believe that putting your dog’s physical and emotional wellbeing first and foremost is an essential part of the grooming process. We set our standards high to ensure that every dog who enters our salon leaves feeling happy and contented.  

“Our mission is to treat every living being with kindness and respect, to raise industry standards and empower owners to care for their dogs – putting the dog at the heart of grooming.”

Grooming Salons Can Be a Little Weird for Dogs…

With the large noisy equipment, being in a new place, the smells of other puppies / dogs and strange humans, the experience of visiting a groomers can be daunting for dogs.

Put yourself in the dog’s paws – you are asked to stand on a table for a length of time, you have a person touching your body, pulling about your fur, putting fingers in your mouth and twiddling your toes.  It’s no surprise that some dogs can get a little grumpy!

This can sometimes lead to behaviour problems, such as a dog growling, snapping, or trying to escape.  These are all warning signs that the dog has had enough.

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We Care About your Dog’s Experience

Here at Heart Dog Grooming we are experienced and trained to listen to your dog’s body language.  We are watching closely to see if your dog lets us know that they are uncomfortable, are in pain or need a break.

We pay close attention to early warning signs so that they won’t become any more unhappy or stressed.

Inside our salon we use different methods to promote calm and relaxation.  We play games, use toys, treats, snuffle mats, scent walls, essential oils and pet remedy amongst other things.  This enriched environment supports the dogs in our care to feel good inside and out.

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