Puppy Academy Whitby

Set your puppy up for a lifetime of successful, fear-free, holistic grooms with our Puppy Academy in Whitby.

Welcome to the Heart Dog Puppy Academy

Let us walk you through the training and preparation required to help your puppy feel confident and fear-free in the salon from their very first visit.

Open to puppies from 8 to 16 weeks.

  • Welcome Consultation – Our initial getting to know you and your puppy session
  • 8 Visits – Spread over three months where we systematically introduce every element of grooming
  • Puppy playtime – A carefully designed program of activities to boost your puppy’s confidence in the groom room
  • Welcome Gift – Take home your puppy’s first shampoo, conditioner, brush and comb
  • Video tutorials – To refresh your memory on the brushing techniques we’ve taught you
  • Groomer in your Pocket – Access to us via WhatsApp or Messenger to ask grooming questions
Puppy Academy Whitby - Puppy with Blanket Mobile - Heart Dog

What to Expect

The Puppy Academy is all about creating positive experiences that start your dog on the journey to feeling confident and happy at the groomers.  

We go at your puppy’s pace to introduce the tools and equipment, help them acclimatise to the sounds and smells of the salon, and build a relationship with their new best friend – their groomer!

When we set our dogs up for success from early puppyhood, we are ensuring that they understand what is expected of them during a grooming visit.  This prevents problems occurring later on in life.

We love our puppy sessions but it’s not just about them!  A huge part of caring for your dog’s wellbeing is also maintaining their coat between visits.  That’s why during the puppy programme there is just as much included for you.

Puppy Academy Whitby - Puppy with Toy Mobile - Heart Dog

Puppy Academy in Whitby – It’s About You Too!

Let us take you through:

Equipment – What tools we recommend and how to use them.
Shampoo and Conditioners – The brands we recommend and use here at the salon.
Bathing – How to ensure your puppy’s coat is thoroughly clean.
Coat Maintenance – Take care of your puppy’s coat before matts build up.
Brushing and Drying – Effective care of your puppy’s coat to clear those tats and tangles.
Training – Teach your puppy useful skills to get them engaged and involved, making handling for grooming easier.
Learning – How to prevent problems showing up with teeth, nails and coats, and what signs to look for to prevent behaviour issues arising.

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