Grooming Services Whitby

Whether you have a long-coated breed of dog or one with a short coat, our dog grooming services in Whitby offer something for everyone.

How We Work

We work one-to-one with the dogs in our care.  We have two separate groom rooms, and your dog will always be with one of our staff members.  Dogs from different households don’t meet, and dogs are never held in crates.  We only keep dogs in our care for the duration of their appointment, as soon as they’re ready to leave we let you know – there is no waiting around.

We run a quiet, holistic salon.  Dogs who are vocal are booked in when there are no other clients in the salon.  This keeps the stress down for all the dogs we look after.  Safety is our top priority and we have many safety features in the salon, including double barriers between dogs and exits.

Some dogs and puppies need a little extra tender loving care.  We keep special appointments for our elderly dogs, reactive and sensitive dogs, and those who have already had a worrying experience in a grooming salon.  Owners are able to stay with their dogs by arrangement.

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In the Groom Room

Your dog is a unique individual, and we treat them that way.  This is why we don’t offer a standard ‘one price fits all’ package.  During your Welcome Consultation, once we have assessed your dog’s coat, temperament, lifestyle and needs we will talk through your personal pricing plan that meets your requirements.  We offer:

  • 1:1 Grooming
  • Bathing and brushing
  • De-shedding
  • Clipping and styling
  • Nail clipping
  • Ear cleaning
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Bespoke Wellness Plan
  • Grooming Training & Education
  • Text and email reminders for appointments
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Your First Visit to Heart Dog Grooming in Whitby

As a new client, you are invited to book in for your Welcome Consultation so we can get to know each other a little better.  This is not a grooming appointment, but a bit more like a first date…  We want to hear everything about your puppy / dog, their lifestyle, their activities and your expectations for their hair cut.  It’s important to us that your dog feels calm, content and fear-free when they are with us, and just like any new relationship, it takes time to get acquainted.

Your dog gets the opportunity to meet their groomer. We play, we cuddle and most importantly we listen to what your dog is saying.  Are they happy here with us? Are they worried about the equipment, or being touched and handled by a new person?  We take our time to help them get settled in so that they feel confident about coming in for their groom.  How your dog feels is just as important to us as giving them a great new ‘do’.

What can I expect during the welcome consultation?

  • Let’s talk – Ask all your questions specific to caring for your dog at home between grooms.
  • Planning – We assess your dog’s coat, nails and teeth to ensure they’re comfortable before grooming begins.
  • Styling – Decide together on the best hairstyle ahead of your groom.
  • Advice – Shampoos, brushes, and equipment that we recommend.
  • Bespoke Wellness Plan – Adapt a groom to care for every dog’s unique physical and emotional needs.

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