Meet the Team

Meet the Team behind Heart Dog Grooming Salon in Whitby, North Yorkshire.  

Our Dog Grooming Team

Get to know the humans who will be looking after your furry family member.

Meet the Team - Zoe - Heart Dog


Owner and Dog Groomer

Zoe - Owner and Dog Groomer

Hi, I’m Zoe.  In 2019 I was given the opportunity to move my life from Wales to Whitby, and buy the grooming salon (Formerly Fido’s at Millbry Hill).

I arrived in my van with my dogs with no plan other than to see what I could create with this opportunity.  Having previously managed a mobile dog grooming business, in addition to a dog training and walking company, I was ready for a new challenge.

I’m passionate about holistic grooming.  The traditional dog grooming industry is all about the haircut, with very little education around dog behaviour and emotion.  Bringing these two diverse industries together, to create shifts and changes in how we view and take care of our precious four-legged family members is so important to me, and the ethos at the heart of Heart Dog.

My other passion lies in creating a sustainable business that cares for not only myself, but my wonderful clients and amazing staff.  Creating job opportunities and helping others see the potential in themselves and their futures brings me so much satisfaction.

Meet the Team - Groomer - Heart Dog


Dog Groomer

Connie - Dog Groomer

After working by myself for a year, Connie joined the team as a groomer. She’d been working for ‘Pets at Home’ and was ready for a change. Connie is a fabulous groomer, and an even better right-hand-woman. These days, Connie looks after a lot of the admin and social media, in addition to grooming and helping train our apprentice. She’s the person who makes us laugh, and keeps me on track when I frequently forget what I’m doing or where the diary is!
Meet the Team - Team Member - Heart Dog


Apprentice Dog Groomer

Millie - Apprentice Dog Groomer

Millie is our lovely apprentice. I ‘inherited’ her as a Saturday girl when I bought the business. She’s shown an incredible determination to make this her career from a very young age. When she left school there were no doubts about having her join the team. Millie is calm and patient with all the dogs, and has an innate sensitivity in how she handles them. We’re excited to watch her career progress.

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