Heart Dog VIP Club Whitby

Welcome to Heart Dog VIP Club in Whitby. Bespoke grooming packages tailored to you and your dog. The Gold Standard in care.  

Join the Heart Dog Family

Discover the benefits of regular, personalised holistic grooming for your dog. As members of the Heart Dog VIP Club you and your dog can enjoy:

  • Four weekly Visits – Keep your dog’s coat fresh and healthy
  • Pre booked appointments – So you always have a time slot convenient to you
  • Extended Session Time – No need to rush, your dog can enjoy a relaxed groom
  • Support beyond the Groom Room – You’ve got us in your pocket to answer your questions and offer grooming and training tips, tricks and feedback
  • Discounted Refills on Shampoos, Conditioners and Products
  • 10% off Heart Dog Programs and Workshops
  • Welcome Gift

Always included in your package are:

  • Full groom
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail clipping
  • Paw Balm
  • Bespoke wellness plan
  • Personalised feedback
  • Photos and updates
  • Text and email reminders for appointments
Dog Grooming Membership Whitby - VIP Club Mobile - Heart Dog

We Want The Best For Your Dog

Heart Dog VIP Club members benefit from frequent health checks.  We get to know your dog’s health intimately by tracking the condition of their skin, coat, teeth, nails, and behaviour.  Having four weekly checks ensures that any problems or changes are noticed quickly, giving you the opportunity to liaise with your vet promptly.  Regular teeth cleaning from puppyhood prevents painful dental problems arising, lessening the likelihood of costly dental treatment later in life.

One of the biggest benefits of coming to see us regularly is that we become a trusted person in your dog’s inner circle.  Our Heart Dogs are not just happy to see us, they are relaxed, confident and fear-free during their visit.  This has a vital ripple effect.  It makes for easier grooming and ongoing maintenance of their coat because there are fewer tats and tangles… and the best part – your dog isn’t in pain or discomfort from their coat, and they won’t feel stressed during their groom.

Dog Grooming Membership Whitby - Best for Dogs Mobile - Heart Dog

How much does it cost to join?

Just as your dog is unique, so too is the duration of their groom.  During your Welcome Consultation we will talk you through the options most suited to your dog, lifestyle, and budget.  Being a member is cost-effective and it offers the best ongoing care for your dog’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

Keeping it easy…

  • Set up a monthly payment to spread the cost over the year.
  • The price is locked in from the day you join for twelve months, no price-rise surprises.
  • Having an all-inclusive package means we can offer you the best value for money for the services provided.
  • We ask for a four week notice period should you choose to no longer stay a member. You are still welcome to become a member again in the future, although we can’t guarantee the same original monthly price or time slot.

Ready to become a member of the Heart Dog family?

Join our Heart Dog VIP Club now!