Fear Free Grooming – What is it?

Fear Free Grooming - Brown & White Dog - Heart Dog

Has your dog ever been reluctant to walk into a Groomers? Do they shake, pant, drool or try to run away?
Have you ever wondered what emotions your dog is feeling?
Just like you and me, our dogs feel emotions.
If visiting the doctor, or the dentist has ever made you feel anxious, then you can understand your dogs’ feelings.
There are lots of scary and unpleasant things that happen in a grooming salon.

For a minute, I’d like you to pretend to be your dog:

No one has told you where you’re going or what’s going to happen.
You’re left with a stranger.
There are loud noises coming from scary looking machines.
The stranger opens your mouth, touches your body, and pokes and prods you.
Then they bath you, and you have nasty tasting shampoo in your mouth and water in your eyes.
They tie you to a table and point the scary machines right at you…
They lift your legs up, and you can’t tell them if something hurts.
Brushes scratch your skin and tug on your hair.
And you’re tired, you’ve stood still for so long your legs ache.
And when your mum comes, you’re SO happy to see her!

We will work to make grooming a happy experience:

Fear free grooming is knowing when dogs are feeling fear, and working in ways to build their confidence and make grooming a happy experience for them.

Curious about how your own dog feels about Grooming?

Send us a message to chat with a fear free Groomer.

Zoe 💟